Wellness Accelerator+

A 6-month high-touch, highly personalised, data-driven holistic solution to help you optimise your health and become your best self by revealing, reducing and resolving your health concerns for lasting relief you can feel.

We get it… you haven’t felt like yourself in a while.

You used to be able to run your life, and now it feels as if life runs you. You have distant memories of a life well lived. A life of purpose, adventure and pleasure. Sure, you were busy, but your body and mind could handle life’s many challenges. 

You were showing up in your career, with your family and in all the essential places and relationships in your life because you were strong, confident, productive, and crucially, you felt well.

But that isn’t the case anymore…

Now you’re experiencing persistent symptoms that leave you feeling like an arthritic sloth has possessed your body.

Still, your doctor insists that everything is fine because you’re test results are all normal. But you feel far from fine; you’re demoralised by the pending diagnosis and dismayed by the probability of a lifetime on pills.

The simplest of tasks take longer than they should

because you lack mental clarity, memory recall, and your focus is not quite what it was. It’s affecting your productivity and communications and making you worry about your bottom line.

You’re anxious about not knowing what’s driving your health concerns

and continuing to drag yourself through life, giving body parts a pep talk just to make it out the door or, worse, sitting on the sidelines watching life go by day after day.

You’re exasperated at the thought of having to accept this as your new normal.

After all, this isn’t how you saw your life panning out.

You recognise that conventional medicine, with its one-size-fits-all approach, can’t offer the level of personalisation you know you need

 to conquer the medical mysteries stealing your sanity and success.

You’re jaded and weary from hours down the Dr Google rabbit hole looking for solutions

for the conundrum that is your family’s health history and the money spent on fad diet programmes and sub-par supplements that have yet to yield the results you were promised.

You know there must be a better way.

Picture Life in The (Not-So-Distant) Future…

Waking up symptom-free…daily.

Full of vitality, vibrant and reassured that you know what it takes for you to be well.

How freeing it will feel when you’re able to laser-focus on the task at hand.

And never have to worry about dropping the ball professionally or personally.

Feeling empowered and confident.

Because you have definitive tools that align with your unique biochemistry and genetics and help cultivate good health.

Being primed and adept enough to scale the mountain calling your name.

Start your dream project or begin your meaningful adventures while having the capacity to adapt to challenges and recover quickly.

Finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

Safe and secure in the knowledge that you’re living in a body that is ready for the next phase. Whether that’s increasing your chances of conceiving or entering a new phase of your own life.

Introducing The

Wellness Accelerator+

A cutting-edge, comprehensive, science-backed wellness programme that’s designed to help individuals dealing with chronic symptoms or conditions by addressing the root causes so their health concerns no longer negatively impact their everyday life.

You see, here’s the thing, your health concerns didn’t just materialise from a blend of bad luck and thin air. In most cases, they’ve been bubbling under the surface for years or decades before your doctor can even make a diagnosis.

And it’s unsettling and infuriating to know and feel that something isn’t quite right in your body – only to be told repeatedly that your test results are “normal”, there’s nothing wrong, and nothing can be done. You just have to sit tight and wait for the resulting disease to manifest.

But you’re here, so we know that’s not your style.

  • You’re not about to make your current situation your long-term reality.
  • You’re not afraid to think – and act – differently to achieve your goals, transform your health and upgrade your quality of life.
  • You’ll never be persuaded that managing symptoms or conditions is the same as resolving them.
  • And you know that your health is fundamental to realising the limitless possibilities for your potential.

And that’s why the Wellness Accelerator+ was created.

The Wellness Accelerator+ supports you with a proactive, data-driven scientific approach that embraces natural solutions to address the root cause of your health concerns.

The Wellness Accelerator+ is our signature holistic wellness programme providing advanced functional lab testing, education backed by science, 1:1 support and personalised nutrition, lifestyle and supplement protocols.

What’s Included when you Join

Join The Wellness Accelerator+

Proven Roadmap to Wellness

A step-by-step scientific method with detailed transformation strategies and action items to help you heal your body and mind, cultivate wellness and become the human you want to be.

Personalised Nutrition Plans

Deliciously nutritious meals designed to nourish your body and mind, meet your particular health needs and eradicate confusion and intimidation so you are set you up for success. Our meal plans include the rationale for the ingredients used and shopping lists, allowing you to reduce your food waste. It’s time to love what you eat and have what you eat love you back.

Powerful Lifestyle Recommendations

Customised transformational lifestyle interventions covering stress management, building resilience, sleep and movement, amongst others, so you can develop the rituals and routines necessary to make magic happen for your health beyond your time in the programme.

Targeted Supplement Protocols

We use your test results and research to create targeted evidence-based supplement protocols, using high-quality, professional-grade supplements that tackle the challenging and complex issues that stop you from feeling well. It’s time to streamline your supplement cupboard and stop wasting money on products that neither you nor your body needs.

Empowering Educational Content

Accessible and engaging educational content designed to illuminate, enlighten and deepen your understanding of what it takes to heal while helping you navigate each phase of your journey. Leaving you empowered to create real and lasting change.

Flexible Scheduling

Connect from anywhere and everywhere, whenever it suits you. Our safe and secure client portal allows you to schedule your monthly video consultations at dates and times that work for you and your commitments.

Accountability + On-demand Support

Our judgement-free accountability keeps you on track to adopt the positive changes needed to power your transformation. We’ll track your progress, update your plans and protocols based on your results and feedback, and you’ll get unlimited messaging support via our secure chat feature to get your questions answered. Keeping you on track to achieve the outcomes you crave has never felt so effortless.

Included Bonuses

Exclusive Access

Exclusive access to my black book of Functional Medicine medics and specialists for referrals of identified specific needs outside of our work together.

10% Discount

10% discount on professional grade supplements to support your journey to restoring your health.

Functional Health Testing  (Additional Cost)

GI Effects (stool)

NutrEval (blood, urine+ cheek swab)

Dutch Plus (urine + saliva)

Functional Blood Chemistry Panel (blood)


The Wellness Accelerator+ Experience

Step one:

We get intimately acquainted with you and your unique health.

To unlock what’s happening in your body, we will:

  • Arrange for you to complete your advanced biomarker functional lab tests (which will include blood, stool, urine and saliva samples).
  • Send a comprehensive intake form to gain a thorough understanding of you, your life and your lifestyle. Key considerations when so much of our health is determined by the ecosystem within which we live, learn, earn and play.
  • Schedule an initial video consultation to review your intake form and ensure we fully understand your concerns, history and goals.

Step Two:

We start your transformation, resolve your concerns or optimise your health.

  • While your tests are being analysed, we’ll carefully employ our expertise to craft a personalised health improvement plan to get you started with your transformation (so there’s no more waiting!)
  • With your test results in hand, we’ll walk you through an in-depth analysis – no details skipped – and begin tracking your health.
  • We’ll then update your plan based on your test results and feedback. This plan will include lifestyle and nutritional adjustments, top-quality supplements where necessary and more.

Step Three:

We stay by your side to make magic happen for your health.


You’re not in this alone. Even after we’ve crafted your customised long-term plan, we’ll remain your scientific support structure and guidance system, here to walk you through whatever wellness mysteries pop up along the way. 

You’ll receive:

  • Bi-weekly/weekly video consultations where we can troubleshoot and discuss what’s happening with your health. 
  • Judgement-free accountability that keeps you on track to adopting the positive changes needed to power your transformation.
  • Unlimited messaging support via the chat feature in your client portal for the duration of your programme. 
Due to the high-touch nature of this programme, we only invite three clients into the programme each month. We only approve clients we know we can help.

from £233 per month for six months

The Wellness Accelerator+ May Be Right For You If…

You’ve been given a diagnosis that you have no idea what to do with.

You feel like a stranger existing in a body that you no longer recognise and have no clue how to control.

You’re saying “no” to opportunities, social events and experiences you’d love to say “yes” to (because your symptoms won’t allow you to out in public without a toilet, bed or backup plan nearby).

You feel like you’re simply soldiering through each day and depending on your doses to make it through to tomorrow as best you can.

You loathe looking in the mirror because every glance stresses you out and destroys your self-confidence.

You’re not alone. And your current health doesn’t have to be permanent.

Success stories

Shifting Painful Problems Into‍ Unlimited Possibilities

The best investment I’ve made in my health! I reached out to Leah after experiencing stomach issues for a number of years. She took onboard my concerns and very quickly got the ball rolling. Her response to emails/messages were always prompt and she exceeded what I initially expected. Not only did she design a custom plan for me, but Leah also made sure I was involved in the process. If there was anything I found difficult, she would find a way to accommodate and make it even more tailored - without hesitation. Fast forward three months and I can honestly say this was the best investment I’ve made in my health thus far! I have finally got concrete evidence for the root of my problems and my symptoms are improving daily. This is to the credit of Leah and her hard work. My only regret is not reaching out sooner.”


We got to the root of what was causing me pain. Before being introduced to The Thrive Practice, I was suffering from aches and pains all over my body. I had no energy and struggled with a burning pain in my stomach which woke me up every morning in agony. But after working with The Thrive Practice, I discovered among other things that my body was lacking key vitamins and minerals. Leah introduced me to the elimination diet and, together, we unlocked which foods were causing my aches and pains. Today, the searing stomach pain has been totally healed and my energy levels have lifted. I’m feeling so much better, and I’m happy to recommend The Thrive Practice to anybody that wants to transform their wellness.”


Thrive practice will take you on a journey to better health. I have worked with Leah for 6 months now and I have learned a whole lot of useful information about my health. I have had quite a few random symptoms that I knew deep down were part of one big issue. I gave up on GP's, as all I could hear were excuses of why I felt unwell and no investigation. I did not want to end up with a serious chronic disease so took matters into my own hands and found Leah. Leah takes all my worries seriously and works to find out the reasons why I am feeling constantly run down and weak. My health journey is a long one but I am hopeful that my best and healthiest self is just around the corner - she just needs a mindful helping hand.



Meet Your Practitioner

Leah de Souza-Thomas is a biomedical scientist, public health epidemiologist, functional health consultant and creator of the Wellness Accelerator+. 

After 19 years of exploring and advising on contagious diseases and chronic conditions at a local, regional and national level across health protection, health improvement and healthcare public health, Leah came to a shocking revelation: Conventional approaches to managing not only chronic diseases but individual wellness simply weren’t working. 

And she wasn’t going to sit on the sidelines and wait for it to get worse. 

In addition to her Biomedical Sciences (BSc), Modern Epidemiology (MSc) and Public Health (MPH) degrees, Leah has completed numerous studies in lifestyle medicine, including the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) accredited course Prescribing Lifestyle Medicine, the Institute for Functional Medicine’s (IFM) Applying Functional Medicine to Clinical Practice (AFMCP), all six IFM Advanced Practice Modules (covering bioenergetics, cardiometabolic, environmental, gut, hormone and immune health), and the IFM Therapeutic Food Plans course.

Leah knew we needed to think differently about our approach to solving the chronic health crisis. Today, it’s this new – data-driven – approach combining her public health expertise and biomedical training with science-based lifestyle medicine that she successfully uses with clients to transform their health and lives.

Some A’s to your Q’s

I’ve seen health programming online, and this feels expensive.

You’re correct – there are lots of free resources and low-cost health programmes available online. However, while you could find temporary relief from one-size-fits-all social media or Google solutions, there is nothing like the Wellness Accelerator+ out there. This programme is life-changing (if not life-saving); it addresses the root cause of your health concerns and helps you restore your health by embracing a holistic approach that is personalised and targeted to your lifestyle, health needs and goals, so that you have the freedom to live life on your terms, rather than your symptoms.

It’s also worth remembering that as with all investments, investing in your most valuable asset (your health) will cost money, but getting ill is truly expensive.

How much is the programme?

This programme is £333 per month. There will be slight variations in pricing based on your individual testing needs. I recommend applying and scheduling a call to get an exact quote.

What if I invest in this, and it doesn’t work?

I know you’ve tried to fix the way you’ve been feeling. I know you have the best intentions and are willing to do whatever it takes to feel better. You’ve tried doctors and felt dismissed. You’ve spent thousands on supplements and diet changes. You know these issues are all caused by something, but no one is taking you seriously.

I know how hard it can be to find the right solution. You might try something promising, only to be disappointed by the results. You’re doing everything right (or at least, as you were told to) but still not seeing improvements – you’re dealing with crippling fatigue, and you can’t lose weight, clear your skin or see the improvements you crave.

I believe in and stand by what this programme can help you achieve. This isn’t a gimmicky cleanse or detox – it’s a comprehensive, holistic approach designed with your specific needs in mind and combined with a deep understanding of the innate ability of the human body to heal successfully with the right inputs.

What is the time commitment of the program? I want to make sure it fits into my busy life.
There is never a right time to begin your wellness journey – all we have is now.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to wellness, and that’s why we created the Wellness Accelerator+. Our programme was made with your lifestyle in mind, so you can focus on the things that matter most to you – career advancement, family time, or anything in between. We want you to know that when it comes down to it, your health matters as much as any other part of your life does. And without it, no part of your life will work as you want it to. At The Thrive Practice, we want you to live the life that makes sense for YOU.

The problem wasn’t there before; it may go away on its own. Should I wait to see if it does?
Most diseases and conditions are not genetically determined. It’s the everyday assaults on our bodies that are essential for the emergence of symptoms and conditions. Chronic disease is usually preceded by months or even years of declining function in one or more of your body’s systems.

Your body is in crisis, and it’s letting you know that it needs help.

Your symptoms are your body’s way of demanding help. Consider it a warning sign. You’re doing yourself a disservice every time you make the choice to ignore these signs. It’s time to get to the root of the problem with this game-changing programme and get your motivation, sense of hope and lust for life back. It’s time to start living again.

If I choose to get functional testing, how do I complete the tests?

After your initial consultation, you’ll receive your test kits in the post. Most of the tests are performed at home, as required samples are easily obtained (e.g., saliva, breath, stool, dried blood spot or urine). Where a blood draw is required, this will be taken by a local phlebotomist.

What happens after the programme ends?
At the end of our time working together, you’ll be given a maintenance plan to continue your progress. If you’d like to extend our time together beyond the duration of the programme, several options will be made available to you, including an annual wellness consult to amplify your progress and unlock a proactive and preventative approach to your health.
What conditions do you support?

The proven, scientific approach to restoring and optimising health used in this programme supports all the systems of the body as a whole, as opposed to isolated symptoms and systems. As a result, this programme is suitable for taming and transforming the following:

Skin issues
• Eczema
• Acne
• Psoriasis
• Rosacea
• Chronic hives
• Dermatitis

Autoimmune conditions
• Hashimoto’s thyroiditis
• Lupus
• Rheumatoid arthritis
• Grave’s disease

Digestive issues
• Food sensitivities
• Heartburn/acid reflux
• Food intolerances
• Candida overgrowth
• Parasitic infections
• Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO)
• Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Hormonal issues
• Low libido
• Adrenal dysfunction
• Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)
• Premenstrual syndrome (PMS)
• Amenorrhoea & Irregular cycles
• Perimenopause/Menopause
• Hormonal imbalance
• Adrenal dysfunction
• Hypothyroidism
• Hyperthyroidism
• Hashimoto’s thyroiditis
• Goiter
• Grave’s disease

Metabolic & heart health
• Blood sugar dysregulation
• Cholesterol and blood pressure issues
• Weight loss resistance
• Insomnia and chronic fatigue

Maternity support
• Infertility
• Pregnancy/post-natal support
• Prenatal support

Do you offer other functional tests?

Absolutely. Functional labs are recommended testing based on the needs of each client. This isn’t a cookie-cutter approach to health and healing. Recommendations for testing for food sensitivities, mould, heavy metal toxicity, and more are made if suspected.

Do you work with children?
No, we do not work with anyone under 18 years old.
Can I work with you outside of this programme?

I work with clients outside of this programme through specific wellness programmes. Further information on these programmes can be found here: Restore and Rebalance.