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The body is an ecosystem. Every cell has its own unique function and purpose. When one part of this system breaks down, it can affect every other part of the system. The key to optimal health is balance and harmony between all parts of your body’s ecosystem – from your gut to your immune system, from your brain to your heart.

In the body, structure is closely correlated with function and because of this, it characterises human health and disease since alterations in structure will change function.

The structure core process spans the molecular and whole-body levels. It involves the membranes of cells and organelles (structures in cells), bones, ligaments, muscles and their alignment as well as the structural integrity of all major organ systems from the brain to the skin.

Poor skeletal health has profound effects on the risk of fracture but it can also increase the risk of a range of chronic conditions including neuropathy.

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What You Need to Know About Structural Integrity…

What It Means

The primary area of focus for the biological process of structure involves everything from the selective permeability of subcellular membranes to the stability and strength of musculoskeletal structures.

Why It's Important

The structure core process is vital for humans. Changes in the structural integrity of the body at any level can alter its physiological function.

Powerful Insight

Optimising structural integrity through proper nutrition, addressing digestive concerns, reducing inflammation and physical activity maximises the potential of the body.

3 Actions to Support Structural Integrity

Focus on Healthy Fats

Cellular membranes are made up of fat. These membranes need to be flexible yet sturdy. Too much animal fat in your diet may increase the stiffness of these membranes and impact cellular processes. Opt for healthy fats found in olives, avocados, chia seeds and oily fish (like salmon and mackerel) in your diet, starting today.

Anti-Inflammatory Nutrition

To support structural integrity at the organ system level, it’s important to increase foods that help extinguish inflammation in the body. Powerful anti-inflammatory compounds and antioxidant capabilities in cabbage, spinach, strawberries, onions, ginger, and turmeric make them useful ingredients for your meals and snacks this week and going forward. 

Get Chiropractic Support

Correcting posture-related stress quickly through chiropractic care can prevent the inevitable domino effect of disparate parts of the body’s musculoskeletal system from becoming affected. If you’re experiencing musculoskeletal issues, arrange to see a chiropractor who can help you optimise structural integrity at the spinal level.


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