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Are you ready for a new way of thinking about health?

The body is an ecosystem. Every cell has its own unique function and purpose. When one part of this system breaks down, it can affect every other part of the system. The key to optimal health is balance and harmony between all parts of your body’s ecosystem – from your gut to your immune system, from your brain to your heart.

The critical core biological process of Assimilation is involved with the digestion, absorption and utilisation of nutrients followed by the excretion of waste products.

Sounds simple, right?

In fact, it’s a complex, multiphase, physiological process. Think about it… you could have the healthiest diet of any human but if you’re unable to digest and assimilate what you’ve eaten, it’s all pointless. Additionally, if your body isn’t able to eliminate and excrete waste products these will build up and cause problems. So the tag team process of digestion + assimilation and elimination + excretion is vitally important for maintaining overall health.

Disorders happen where there are imbalances at any stage of this core process. The assimilation process is the most critical piece of the wellness puzzle and is most often the starting point for healing and recovery.

What it means

The primary area of focus for the biological process of assimilation is the digestive system.

Why it’s important

The assimilation core process is fundamental to the overall health of humans. Poor digestive function and/or incomplete or ineffective assimilation can lead to nutritional insufficiency and deficiency.

Powerful Insight

The digestive system is home to several hundred different species of bacteria and other microbes which influence patterns of health and disease

Hey there, I’m Leah

I’m a biomedical scientist, epidemiologist, public health practitioner, health improvement consultant and the founder of The Thrive Practice.
Which is all just a formal way of saying: I’m a professional wellness detective.

Driven by data and supported by science, I’m unerringly obsessed with exploring your unique biochemistry to methodically get to the root of your health issues.

Because unlike conventional medicine, my focus isn’t on treating your body’s symptoms; it’s on treating your interconnected system so that, together, we can beat the odds and make miracles happen for your health and healing.