For investigation of methylation, a biological process that is critical for immunity, fertility, energy, neurological, cardiovascular, and metabolic health. This test analyses the folate, methionine, neurotransmitter, transsulphuration and urea cycles.

  • Experiencing heart or circulatory problems
  • Experiencing immune and autoimmune conditions
  • Experiencing chronic fatigue, infertility, mood disorders and premature ageing

Methylation is the process of adding methyl groups, consisting of one carbon and three hydrogen atoms, to other molecules. It is involved in almost every metabolic process in the body, occurring billions of times every second in our cells and contributing to numerous crucial functions.

Imbalances in methylation – too little or too much – can increase susceptibility to chronic health conditions such as heart disease, circulatory problems, chronic fatigue, infertility, immune and autoimmune conditions, food and chemical sensitivities, and mood and psychiatric disorders, as well as cancer and premature ageing.

The Methylation test examines genes involved in five sub-cycles – folate, methionine, neurotransmitter, transsulphuration and urea. Genetic results will inform whether someone is likely to be poor or overly efficient at processing cofactors – B6, B9 (folate) and B12 (cobalamin), methionine, betaine, choline, zinc and magnesium; and inhibitors – chemicals, moulds, drugs, hormones and heavy metals and provide guidance on how to support or bypass bottlenecks or weaknesses.


Folate Cycle: DHFR, FOLH1, MTHFD1, MTHFR, RFC1, SHMT1 and TYMS
Methionine Cycle: AHCY, BHMT, CHDH, FUT2, MAT1A, MTR, MTRR, PEMT and TCN2
Neurotransmitter Cycle: COMT, MAOA, MAOB, MTHFR, PNMT, QDPR and VDR
Transsulphuration Cycle: CBS, CTH, GSS, MUT and SUOX
Urea Cycle: BDKRB2, NOS and SOD

Extra nutrigenomics reports can be added up to 6 monhts from the date of the original test.


Client data is securely stored and protected using the highest industry standards. The test is used only to create the reports. The test sample is detroyed after 3 months, and the data after 6 months.

Mouth swab.

Abstain from eating or drinking at least 1 hour before testing.

14 working days after sample reciept