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Intestinal Permeability


(Cyrex Array 2) Intestinal Permeability

Recommended for Those :

  • Unexplained digestive, neurological, skin or behavioral symptoms linked to a particular food
  • Autoimmune conditions as food triggers will help reduce inflammation and tissue damage
  • Increased intestinal permeability

Description :

Food intolerance and sensitivity differ from allergies in that much larger doses of the problem food is required to elicit a response and the symptoms can take a few hours to begin. Sometimes the common food culprit is dairy, eggs, nuts, beans, fish, fruit or vegetable, but often it can be something hidden such as a food additive, colouring or processing aid.

This tests for multiple forms of foods (raw, cooked, processed and combined foods) as well as testing for sensitivities to lectins and a wide range of food additives including gums, colours and meat glue. This Cyrex test also test cross-reactive antigens and in total the test measures reaction to 180 different foods and additives (full list here <

Requirements :


Turnaround time :

14 days


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