(Cyrex Array 5) Multiple Autoimmune Screen


  • Suspect an autoimmune condition
  • Have chronic increased intestinal permeability
  • Diagnosed with one or more autoimmune conditions

Autoimmune conditions happen when the immune system is always overactive and begins attacking healthy cells. This tendency of the immune system to go rogue may have a genetic component so autoimmune conditions tend to run in families. The antibodies involved in an autoimmune disease can appear in the blood up to 10 years before the development of symptoms. Detected early, targeted interventions can begin to minimise long-term illness and promote a better quality of life. This assay tests a wide range of autoimmune antibodies against all major body tissues – pancreas, liver, joints, bones, testis, ovaries, brain, adrenals, heart, thyroid, digestive system – in order to maximise identification of autoimmune conditions.


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12 days