Comprehensive Adrenal Stress Profile


  • High levels of stress
  • Signs and symptoms of adrenal exhaustion
  • Unexplained fatigue
  • Chronic immune or inflammatory health condition e.g. high blood pressure, persistent pain, cardiovascular disease

This saliva test is used to evaluate key stress hormones: cortisol and DHEA. These hormones work together and are produced in balance. They run the sleep-wake cycle and enable us to respond to stress. Medium and long-term stress can significantly impact these hormones. DHEA production can be compromised leaving cortisol to run wild leading to weight gain, poor immune function, inflammation, reduced bone density, memory problems, blood sugar and hormone imbalances. The chaotic production pattern of cortisol can also negatively affect the sleep-wake cycle causing nighttime alertness, sleeping difficulties and morning exhaustion. If stress persists it can seriously hamper the levels of cortisol or DHEA. This is known as adrenal exhaustion and leads to extreme fatigue, reliance on caffeine and stimulants, difficulty getting to sleep and waking up and cravings for sugar and salt.

4 saliva samples collected at specific times over a 24 hour period

7 days