Core Physiological Process + Biohacking


Modern healthcare focuses on symptom management; masking the symptoms of chronic conditions with medication and quick-fix treatment, rather than addressing the underlying causes of such conditions. This leads to further entrenchment of the condition or disease with the inevitable functional decline.

To address these health conditions we require a bold new paradigm. One that can address the root cause of chronic health conditions by identifying and treating the upstream causes.

The activities of the seven core physiological processes which form part of the Functional Medicine model and define how we function are described by Dr Jeffery S. Bland’s The Disease Delusion. Two additional health success factors – psychosocial and biohacking –  have also been incorporated in the quiz to acknowledge the additional factors of health optimisation and individuals mental and emotional health.

Assimilation Core Process

The assimilation core process focuses on digestion, absorption, the gut microbiome and respiration. It encompasses all of the processes involved in getting much-needed inputs into the body and eliminating waste products

Defence Core Process

The defence core process involves the immune system. It’s influenced by interactions between your genes and your environment. Immune and inflammation problems occur when the immune response is overzealous, protracted or misplaced.

Bioenergetics Core Process

The bioenergetics core process is a highly controlled process requiring the coordination of hundreds of metabolites and liberating the energy from the breakdown of nutrients and transforming it into a form the body can use. 

Detoxification Core Process

The detoxification core process is the system that processes and excretes metabolites from the body. Medications and toxic substances are chemically modified to facilitate their activation and or removal from the body. 

Transport Core Process

The transport core process involves the movement of cargo within the body. It includes the movement of molecules within cells, between cells and tissues and throughout the body. The transport process involves the blood and lymph.

Communication Core Process

The communication core process incorporates the signalling interactions within and between the cells. Cells are continually in contact with their environment, sending, receiving and responding to signals from other cells.

Structure Core Process

The structure core process encompasses the structural integrity from the smallest subcellular membranes to the largest level musculoskeletal structure and everything in-between. It includes the alignment of bones and muscles and the structure of all major organs.

Psychosocial Core Process

Psychosocial integrate cognition and emotional self-regulation as well as their sense of self-efficacy, personal life meaning, and spiritual purpose to create a sense of wellbeing. This inner life dictates the downstream effects on the seven core processes.

Biohacking for Optimisation

Biohacking involves the principles and practices employed to optimise human health encouraging their bodies and minds to function optimally. Like the core process, a systems-based approach to lifestyle hacking allows humans to take control of their biology.