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How Optimising your Gut Health Improves Overall Health

The quote “all disease begins in the gut” is attributed to Hippocrates, a Greek physician often referred to as the father of modern medicine, who died more than 2500 years ago. It’s an interesting concept, and while Hippocrates may not have meant it literally, it is clear how central the gut is to human health.

The gut is a gateway to your health and wellbeing, and any imbalances in your digestive system can have profound impacts on your health. The plethora of interconnected and frankly integral roles alongside critical functions and activities makes the gut a key component of health. It’s where your body absorbs the nutrients from the food you eat and where toxins are filtered out. It’s also a major immune organ and is home to more than two-thirds of your immune system, protecting us against potential invaders – and has links to depression and the brain. So, it stands to reason that humans feel the ramifications all over the body when the gut is impaired, imbalanced, and not functioning well.

Supporting the Gut Health

Alongside typical gut-related signs and symptoms like bloating, gas, constipation and feeling “stuffed” after meals, symptoms and conditions like eczema, asthma, joint pain, skin rashes, headaches, allergies and low mood can all be linked to a poorly functioning gut.

By addressing these issues or imbalances through a systematic approach that acknowledges the key roles and functions of the digestive system and the interrelationships with other parts of the body, it is possible to rectify these issues and improve overall health.

Optimising Gut Health

We use five simple steps at The Thrive Practice to achieve this. We’ve worked with many clients who have suffered for years with a range of digestive and non-digestive complaints, who, after working through our personalised, proprietary protocols, had finally been able to improve their symptoms and transform their health.

Watch the masterclass to discover the five simple steps to better gut health.


Hello, I’m Leah! Functional health consultant and founder of The Thrive Practice. Driven by data and supported by science, I’m unerringly obsessed with exploring your unique biochemistry to methodically get to the root of your health issues. So, you can achieve real and lasting relief.


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