Handling Holiday parties

The festive season has arrived with many of us gearing up for Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and New Years parties in the coming days and weeks. We thought we’d help you out with a few tips on handling those holiday parties.

Go for the Veggies First

Try filling up on healthy, whole plant foods such as fruits and veggies before graduating to the other foods. If the party is full of appetisers as opposed to a large meal, there are often vegetarian/vegan appetisers or crudités that you can opt for. Always wait a few minutes before deciding to eat anything else. In many cases, this is enough to satiate your hunger and even feed those sugar cravings you may be having.

Where are you Standing

Trying to lose weight or keen to maintain your efforts? One of the worst things you can do at a party when you are trying to stay on track with your weight goals is to stand next to the food. Grab a small plate if they are being offered and put some healthier food items on the plate. Walk away to another area of the party to socialise and have your snacks. Standing by the food will make it far too easy to eat mindlessly. If you stand by the food, you are more likely to graze throughout the evening, which will inevitably make it a lot harder to keep track of exactly how much and what you’re eating.

Rethink your Drink

If you’re drinking alcohol think about what you’re drinking. Not all alcoholic drinks are alike and what they are made from may have an impact on your health. If you’re allergic to gluten or wheat sensitive avoid beer and whiskey as these are made from gluten-containing grains such as wheat, rye or barley unless otherwise stated. Gin is distilled with juniper berries. The antioxidant properties of these berries are maintained in the final gin product. Juniper essential oil has antimicrobial properties and the extract has been shown to improve cholesterol levels in animal models. But remember, there are healthier ways of getting the benefits of the antioxidants found in various alcoholic drinks.

Socialise Instead of Overindulging

A good plan for avoiding mindless eating and not over-indulging is to socialise instead. Given the challenges many faced last Christmas and New Year, take this opportunity to talk to friends and family you haven’t seen in a while, mingle throughout the crowd, and meet new people.


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