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Feeling off? Experiencing unexplained symptoms?

Bite-sized actions can lead to BIG changes when it comes to improving your health. Find out where you need to start with the What’s your body trying to tell you.

The Thrive Practice 

Use these resources, discounts and offers to continue to nourish your resilience.


Experience tranquility on demand with the Calm app. Dive into 30 days of mindfulness, meditation, and relaxation. Unlock better sleep, reduced stress, and inner peace. Claim your  FREE 30-day trial today!


Transform Your Well-being in 30 Days or Less! Take almost 15% off our specialised membership with plans designed to help you build healthy habits through informative guides and videos.


Click here to get 10% off a BetterYou Sleep Bundle with code THETHRIVEPRACTICE. Experience deeper, more restful sleep with transdermal magnesium and a Lights Out Oral Spray, putting an end to restless nights


Missed the stress + anxiety support meal plan? Cook your way to a healthier you with our curated meal plan and mouth-watering recipes. Whether you’re a carnivore or a plant-lover, we’ve got something for every palate.


Claim Your Free Health Blueprint Session: Take the first step on your holistic wellness journey with a complimentary 20-minute consultation. Let’s explore how we can collaborate to elevate your wellbeing.

From Our Partners

Offers from Cerrie Baines and Stacey Landau

Cerrie Baines, Mindful Movement


Use NYR2023 to get 15% off any of Mindful Moves comprehensive online plans. If you’re looking for a tailored experience, use YOURWAY23 to enjoy a 15% discount on any single service, including Health, Wellbeing & Lifestyle Coaching, Pilates, and Yoga sessions.


Free Discovery Call to explore changes individuals are wanting to make to improve their health, wellbeing and lifestyle and what they want to achieve.

Stacey Landau, Breathwork Practitioner


Don’t miss the chance for a holistic reset with a complimentary Breath-Body-Mind Session. Choose from dates on 26th September, 3rd October, or 10th October. Secure your spot by registering.


Elevate your wellbeing with Stacey’s 12-day Introduction to Breathwork event, starting October 2nd. Enjoy a curated blend of live and on-demand sessions at a special 10% discount. Use coupon code is VIP10

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