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Genetics load the gun;

lifestyle pulls the trigger.

Maybe you’ve blamed your genetics for your current health situation:

“Alzheimer’s runs in my family.”

“Everyone in my family has weight issues…”

“My grandmother, aunt and mum all have diabetes…”

You’re not alone.

Many people blame their health issues on their family history, but here’s the thing: your genes are not your destiny.

So you were dealt a rubbish hand, and you’ve been left with a predisposition to breast cancer or high blood pressure.

It’s time to make lemonade out of those lemons.

Because the science is in…


Your genes are not your destiny.

You have between 25,000 and 35,000 genes in your cells. But (according to the Canadian Institute of Advanced Research) there isn’t a single gene that controls the presence or lack of a chronic health condition. In fact, only 15% of your health is determined by your genetics.

The other 85% is influenced by a multitude of factors, from the air you breathe through to the food you eat and how active you are.

Which means, essentially, your environment, life experiences and lifestyle drive your destiny. And that, for the most part, is wholly within your control.


Wellness isn’t all-or-nothing.

Instead, it’s about finding, nurturing and maintaining your body’s balance (known as homeostasis).

Balance is important, because your body needs the right amount and type of raw materials to create the energy and support the systems it requires to remove waste and function properly.

If this balance isn’t maintained, you’ll accumulate imbalances which change the way your body functions. Over time, these changes will manifest as the signs and symptoms of disease.

But intervening with appropriate lifestyle and environmental changes can rebalance your body again.


Wellness is more than the absence of sickness.


The World Health Organization (WHO) defines health as a “state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”

Yet, in modern medicine, most health conditions are usually only diagnosed after the ability of our body to function properly has declined enough to show signs and symptoms.

This explains why even though we might feel a distinct difference in the way we feel or how our body behaves, our tests results may come back as normal or within range (which, to be clear, does not mean ‘optimal’ or ‘well’). Then you’re expected to wait until things worsen enough so you can receive an official diagnosis.

But why not nip it in the bud before it gets that far?

Lifestyle factors can quite literally switch on and switch off the expression of genes, having an impact on health:

Almost 50% of all Americans say they feel sleepy


Almost 50% of all Americans say they feel sleepy during the day between three and seven days per week

Almost 50% of all Americans say they feel sleepy


Vigorously active men and women lived 6.3 years longer in good health and 2.9 years longer without chronic diseases between ages 50 and 75 compared to inactive individuals

Almost 50% of all Americans say they feel sleepy


Stress affects bodily function. 41% of people experience fatigue or low energy, 36% experience headaches, 26% experience indigestion or acid reflux, and 23% experience muscle pain.

Almost 50% of all Americans say they feel sleepy


A 10% increase in eating ultra-processed foods is associated with an 18% for men and a 17% for women increase in the prevalence of obesity

Almost 50% of all Americans say they feel sleepy


In post-menopausal women, social isolation and loneliness may increase cardiovascular disease by up to 27%

Want to turn gene expression off for diabetes, cancer and a host of other chronic conditions and symptoms?

Want to go from knowing what you should be doing to consistently following through, doing it and seeing the results show up in your life?

Want to feel the peace of mind that comes from knowing that the health investments you’re making today will pay dividends tomorrow and for years to come?

Then I’d love to invite you to join

RX Health Club by The Thrive Practice

The Rx: Health Club is an evidence-based wellness membership providing members with practical and actionable health plans, guides and resources to improve their health and wellness. Health Club members work through daily actions from short (30 days or less) lifestyle-focused plans to achieve their health goals.

These plans help with…

I’m enjoying the challenge, pleased with progess. Lost some weight but best of all I feel so much btter. Don’t want to say to much in case the feel good factor vanishes, but my energy levels much improved & pain is the least it’s been for a long time.

- Sue | 21-day Eat the Rainbow

Why It Works

The RX Formula

Your Membership Includes

The future is dictated by your actions.

  • Immediate access to engaging health plans designed ignite your motivation, conquer your health goals and transform your wellbeing.
  • A treasure trove of evidence-based knowledge and practical insights in our lifestyle centre, to empower you with the latest health information
  • Transformative monthly health action-taking sprints to help you make meaningful strides toward a healthier, happier you
  • High-value prize giveaways, where you have the chancee to win exclusive rewards that enhance your wellness journey and celebrate your commitment to vibrant health
  • Member of the month spotlights where your dedication and progress are celebrated and inspire others
  • Referral bonus programme that rewards you for helping the people you care about

Please note when signing up, you will be asked to create your account before making a payment.

Who’s behind The Rx: Health Club

Hi, I’m Leah

I work with people who want to optimise and transform their health using lifestyle methods. I show them how to make sense of what their body is trying to tell them and teach them how to improve daily activity and nutritional patterns, minimise stress, get quality sleep and develop and nurture positive relationships to achieve their goals.

In addition to my undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in Biomedical Sciences, Epidemiology and Public Health, I’ve also undertaken extensive training in Prescribing Lifestyle Medicine, Functional Medicine and Theraputic Nutrition training.

The human body has an innate ability to heal when given the right inputs and environment. I have seen first-hand the game-changing power of lifestyle: not just in its ability to help the body heal but also to transform lives.

Ready to experience it yourself?

Got questions? We’ve got answers.

Why do I need this?
Most people recognise the benefits of improving diet and exercise, minimising stress, and getting enough sleep and daily activity. But getting started on improving these factors and behaviours is often easier said than done. The Rx: Health Club is an evidence-based health improvement programme designed to help you move from knowing to doing in an easy, fun and sustainable way. Making it more likely that the changes you make become habitual, lasting long into the future.
All the information is already out there. Why would I pay for this?
The Rx is a gigantic leap in health improvement and prevention, and there isn’t anything like this online. The membership provides clear, actionable science-backed information needed to create and enhance health and harnesses the power of habit to deliver significant health benefits now and long into the future. That’s something that is just not available elsewhere.
Do you guarantee results?
No, we cannot guarantee. While we’re confident you’ll see measurable improvements in your health if you take action on the plans you follow, your results are ultimately up to you, your commitment and your practice.
Does my membership automatically renew?
Yes, your Rx: Health Club membership will renew monthly unless cancelled.
How do I cancel my membership?
You can cancel your membership at any time via the membership platform or by emailing Please note: If you cancel and then renew at a later date, new charges may apply if prices have increased since starting your membership.

Upgrade your health and well-being.

It’s time to leverage the power of healthy compound habits.

Please note when signing up, you will be asked to create your account before making a payment.

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