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New Colour, New Taste, New Health Benefits on Every Plate

21-Day Rainbow-Powered Health Reboot

When it comes to eating healthier, you don’t need to make massive changes

But bite-sized changes will make a big impact. Here’s why eating healthier is vital:


Poor Dietary Habits and Lack of Nutritional Variety

The mini-programme encourages participants to eat a wide range of colourful, plant-based foods, each colour offering different phytonutrients. This approach naturally diversifies the participant’s diet, moving away from repetitive or nutrient-poor food choices. By focusing on a spectrum of colours it simplifies the concept of healthy eating and makes it more approachable and enjoyable.


Increased Risk of Chronic Diseases

A diet rich in various phytonutrients, as promoted by the mini-programme, is linked to reduced risk of several chronic diseases like heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and certain cancers. By educating participants on the health benefits of each colour group and encouraging the consumption of a wide variety of plant foods, the mini-programme helps lay a foundation for long-term health and disease prevention.


Lack of Engagement and Motivation in Personal Health


This mini-programme is structured as a 21-day challenge, a format that tends to increase engagement and motivation. By breaking down the process into a daily, manageable approach and providing educational content it keeps participants motivated. The mini-programme’s emphasis on the colourful nature of the food also adds an element of fun and creativity, making the journey towards better health more engaging.

That’s Why But Here’s The How

Introducing the Rainbow Powered Health Reboot

A comprehensive 21-day mini-programme designed to revitalise your health and wellbeing through the power of colourful, phytonutrient-rich plant foods. The mini-programme combines daily dietary guidelines and engaging educational content to guide participants towards a more vibrant and health-conscious lifestyle. It emphasises the consumption of a diverse range of fruits, vegetables, grains and other plant-based foods, each colour providing unique health benefits.

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The Rainbow Powered Health Reboot – 21 Days of Vibrant Health helps with…

Almost 50% of all Americans say they feel sleepy

Improved Overall Physical Health

By incorporating a diverse range of phytonutrient-rich plant foods, participants are expected to experience a boost in their overall physical health. The mini-programme’s emphasis on eating a variety of colours ensures a well-rounded intake of essential nutrients, which can improve bodily functions, reduce the risk of chronic diseases, and enhance bodily systems performance e.g. immune or hormonal.

Almost 50% of all Americans say they feel sleepy

Enhanced Mental Wellbeing and Cognitive Function

Studies have shown that a diet rich in fruits and vegetables can have a positive impact on mood and mental health. The mini-programme encourages the consumption of foods that are known to support brain health, potentially leading to improved cognitive functions, better mood, and even increased creativity. The educational aspect of the mini-programme also helps participants understand the benefits of their dietary choices.

Almost 50% of all Americans say they feel sleepy

Sustainable Healthy Eating Habits

One of the core aims of the programme is to instil sustainable and enjoyable eating habits. By engaging participants in a 21-day mini-programme, it helps in creating lasting routines and making healthy eating a natural part of their lifestyle. The mini-programme provides practical tools and a guided plan, making it easier for participants to to incorporate these healthy changes into their daily routines beyond the initial 21 days.

The Rainbow Powered Health Reboot mini-programme delivers transformations that extend beyond 21 days, aiming to create lasting changes in physical health, energy levels, mental wellbeing, and daily eating habits.

“I just got on my scale this morning and I lost 4.5kg from 113.6kg now 109.1kg and I’m feeling it. I’m enjoying my easy cooking hey 😂😂 Though I have to cook two meals because my husband he’s in it, my son he’s eating both meals 😂😂. Thank you so much, Leah, this group has given me hope, motivation and happiness. Now I don’t sleep the whole day during the week, I always have something to do, and thanks to you Thrivers I have learnt from you also ✊🏾”

- Nolloyd | 21-day Eat the Rainbow

The Rainbow Powered Health Reboot includes:

Each of these features is designed not just to facilitate a temporary diet change but to foster a deeper understanding and long-lasting transformation in participants’ approach to health and wellness.

Who’s behind The Program?

Hi, I’m Leah

I work with people who want to optimise and transform their health using lifestyle methods. I show them how to make sense of what their body is trying to tell them and teach them how to improve daily activity and nutritional patterns, minimise stress, get quality sleep and develop and nurture positive relationships to achieve their goals.

In addition to my undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in Biomedical Sciences, Epidemiology and Public Health, I’ve also undertaken extensive training in Prescribing Lifestyle Medicine, Functional Medicine and Theraputic Nutrition training.

The human body has an innate ability to heal when given the right inputs and environment. I have seen first-hand the game-changing power of lifestyle: not just in its ability to help the body heal but also to transform lives.

Ready to experience it yourself?


Rainbow Powered Health Reboot: 21 Days of Vibrant Health

Please note when signing up, you will be asked to create your account before making a payment.

“I’m enjoying the challenge, pleased with progress. Lost some weight but best of all I feel so much better. Don’t want to say to much in case the feel good factor vanishes, but my energy levels much improved & pain is the least it’s been for long time”

- Sue | 21-day Eat the Rainbow

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