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“The Numbers Aren’t Going Down”

This was the anxious thought cycling on repeat in my mind every day as I stared across at the figures on my computer screen.

The numbers aren’t going down.

I’d spent the past two decades immersed in health, healthcare and public health, training as a biomedical scientist and an epidemiologist with extensive experience in infectious disease and chronic health conditions and panicking about humankind’s biological future.

I’ve worked on outbreaks, epidemics and a pandemic, supported thousands of humans to live healthier and happier lives, all while writing influential high-profile reports that shed light on a range of fundamental public health issues.

… But again and again it kept coming back to this: The numbers weren’t going down.

I could see that conventional medicine was tinkering at the edges of evolution, but the number of people dealing with chronic health conditions like diabetes, autoimmune diseases, cardiovascular conditions and musculoskeletal conditions was not going down.

And despite our collective scientific determination to heal the world, there was no objective improvement in our resolution of the real health problems we were facing.

It was then that I realised we needed to think differently about our approach to solving the chronic health crisis.

And So The Thrive Practice Was Born

The Thrive Practice became my ground zero for doing things differently.

Instead of paying lip service to the prevention of health issues I made it one of our priorities.

Rather than relying on pills for every ill, I leaned into the more complicated but transformational pathway of employing data-driven and natural lifestyle solutions on a human-by-human basis.

Instead of treating everyone the same, I chose to explore the individuality of each human’s biochemistry, life and genetics to unlock what works uniquely for them and their condition.

Rather than telling my clients to, “Wait and see” with their health issues, I made a pact to heal their health before it painfully progressed further for them.

Success stories

A Science-Based Approach To Wellness

And, today, I’ve mastered a science-based approach to wellness that heals humans who feel let down by conventional cures and modern medicine.

Because at The Thrive Practice, our clients aren’t afraid to think – and act – differently to achieve their future-focused transformations; but they’re daunted by the prospect of being stuck with the same old reductionist solutions that slap short-term fixes over their symptoms.

They want to feel confident that they can conquer the medical mysteries stealing their sanity and success.

And they want to do it while being supported by a data-driven scientific method that embraces natural solutions to maximise the capacity of their bodies to heal their conditions and symptoms.

Ria’s Personalised Plan

Symptoms: Weight gain, tingling in hands and feet
Root Cause: Pre-diabetes
Some of Ria’s Post-Test Recommendations

Nutrition: Whole, nutrient-rich foods that helped to balance blood sugars

Movement: Restorative excercise to manage stress with strength training.

Supplements: Alpha lipoic acid.


Peter’s Personalised Plan

Symptoms: Skin rashes
Root Cause: Psoriasis

Some of Peter’s Post-Test Recommendations

Nutrition: Elimination diet to remove food triggers.

Stress Management: Incorporate meditation on the morning commute.

Supplements: High dose omega-3s.


Kim’s Personalised Plan

Symptoms: Irregular menstrual cycle
Root Cause: Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)

Some of Kim’s Post-Test Recommendations

Nutrition: Low glycemic diet and adaptogenic foods.

Mental Health: Daily gratitude journaling to encourage a more positive body image.

Supplements: Chaste Tree Berry.


Sarah’s Personalised Plan

Symptoms: Chronic bloating
Root Cause: Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO)

Some of Sarah’s Post-Test Recommendations

Nutrition: FODMAPs diet.

Stress Management: Deep belly breathing to stimulate the vagus nerve.

Supplements: Antimicrobial herbs and gut healing support.


Mya’s Personalised Plan

Symptoms: Extreme fatigue

Root Cause: Toxicity

Some of Mya’s Post-Test Recommendations

Nutrition: Colourful, plant based meals.

Movement: Restorative exercise that increases circulation and promotes sweating.

Supplements: To support biotransformation pathways.


Elijah’s Personalised Plan

Symptoms: Insomnia

Root Cause: Stressful finance job and personal life

Some of Elijah’s Post-Test Recommendations

Nutrition: Food quality and meal timing focus.

Sleep: No screen time 30 minutes before bed.

Supplements: L-theanine.


Olivia’s Personalised Plan

Focus: Health optimisation

Some of Olivia’s Post-Test Recommendations

Nutrition: Intermittent fasting.

Sleep: Mindfulness and meditation.

Supplements: Vitamin D3/K2 and Methylated B Vitamins.

Client name and image changed to protect confidentiality.

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