Choose your Thrive Health Plan and finally start treating your

We treat the root cause of illnesses not just the symptoms, to help our clients reverse chronic conditions and reduce or eliminate their reliance on prescription drugs.

All Plans Include

Build your health profile

In your 75 minute session your Thrive health specialist will map out your health profile and design your personalised health plan. 


7-point health plan

You’ll get an individualised plan for that includes nutrition, physical activity, mental wellbeing, stress management/resilience and implementation support


Direct communication

Ask questions as and when they come up. Communicate directly with your health improvement specialist and get answers quickly

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my private health insurance?

Currently we do not accept any form of insurance. 

Do I need to take out health insurance if I have a Thrive health plan?

Thrive health plans does not replace private health insurance. Any members who have private health insurance and wish to continue with their policy should do so.

Will I need to make all my appointments in person?

No your appointments r visits will be conducted virtually via video conference or telephone.

What's NOT included in my plan?

The cost of any laboratory testing. While you may be able to get some tests carried out on the NHS many biomarker test are not available. Testing is of course optional.

Medical and non-medical services recommended by us but provided by others, such as fitness classes or cognitive behavioural therapy.

Supplements may be recommended from time to time. These are also not included.


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