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The Thrive Pathway

We Get To Know You


Your health is influenced by a number of factors. We go beyond your health history; we’ll build a picture of what has influenced your current health issues.

  • Family history – your genetics are unique and play a part in your health

  • Health history – from birth to present day, the good and bad times

  • Social history – many health conditions are more behavioural and sociological than medical

  • Health goals – improving your health starts with believing in the possibilities


No Clock Watching Here


Never suffer another 8 minute appointment where your health professional barely looks your way, ever again.

Your first appointment with your Thrive specialist is a full 75 minutes long!

We follow a lifestyle medicine approach to testing and improving your health



Your personalised 7 point health plan


Your personalised Thrive health plan is designed to help you resolve your long term health condition and improve your health. Reducing or eliminating the need for prescription medications and rebalancing your unique biology.

Tracking and Fine-Tuning


We work with you to bring about the changes to your health that you want. Regular communication with us is therefore essential to track your progress and make adjustments where necessary.

We treat a range of conditions and symptoms


Leaky gut



High Blood Pressure

Frequently Asked Questions

I have private health insurance. Won't that do the same job?

Health insurance, also know as private medical insurance (PMI), covers the cost of private medical treatment for conditions which are likely to respond quickly to treatment and are not pre-existing. Many chronic conditions and pre-existing conditions e.g. asthma or arthritis are excluded as standard. Thrive health plans offer a resolution to many chronic health conditions by rebalancing your biology and reducing your need for prescription medications.

Should I stop seeing my NHS GP?

Definitely not. The NHS is excellent at dealing with short-lived medical crises like a broken leg or surgery for a burst appendix. But it doesn’t work as well for long term health conditions like type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure.  Our approach is designed to get to the root cause of many modern day chronic health conditions and treat the cause.

Do I need to visit in person?

No. We work mainly via online video conference and telephone based consultations.

Is biomarker testing included in my Thrive health plan?

We will advise you on biomarker testing based on your needs, goals and preference. The cost for these are not included in the price of the plan. Testing generally ranges from £100 -£500. However, all testing is completely optional and where testing can be carried out on the NHS we will suggest that you ask your GP. 

What do you test for?

Testing helps us build a thorough picture of your health and will better inform your health plan. We use a range of biomarker tests. Some of the things they assess include your microbiome, hormones, allergies and genetics. 

What's included in my plan?

With every Thrive health plan you’ll get a comprehensive health assessment and implementation support. Our complete care plan also includes unlimited messaging and flexible appointments with your health improvement specialist.

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