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Good health, is what happens between doctors visits. The Thrive practice came about out of an inadequacy of modern medicine to effectively treat  long-term health issues like high blood pressure, diabetes and asthma .
Leah de Souza-Thomas, Public Health Epidemiologist & Founder


Founded by a Public Health Scientist with a vision for real healthcare.


Real healthcare doesn’t just manage symptoms. It addresses the underlying cause of disease. At The Thrive Practice, we are building a new kind of healthcare practice. A practice that gets to know you, a practice that listens to your health needs and goals, a practice that supports you to deliver real, positive change in your health and ultimately your life.

Doing healthcare differently

Modern medicine is really effective at treating short lived health issues, where it doesn’t do so well is in preventing and treating long term health conditions.




Our approach offers healthcare that is:



No one-size-fits-all here!  All our plans are tailored to you, based on your health needs, your goals and your lifestyle.


No more three-week appointment waits. Instead get access to your health professional when it suits you.



With our health plans you’ll track your health and use advanced testing (where necessary) so you know exactly what changes to make to start seeing improvements.

Transforming your health


Your health plan includes scientifically-backed lifestyle interventions that harness the body’s capacity to heal, implementation support and guidance from your health professional, longer appointments, advanced health testing (where necessary) and referrals to specialists (if required).


  • Personalised health plans

  • Longer appointments

  • Smoking cessation advice

  • Reduction or elimination of prescription medications

  • Nutrition & lifestyle support  

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