You’re locked in a never-ending battle with your health

You want to feel better but you’ve no idea what that feels like anymore as your condition saps your energy and puts the brakes on living.

You cancel, reschedule, postpone and delay committing to plans because sometimes, your illness controls your schedule.

Most of all you’re tired of taking a cocktail of pills that are great at camouflaging your symptoms but not so good at treating the real problem 


That’s where I come in

I’m Leah, a health scientist & lifestyle change strategist

My health arsenal? A BSc in Biomedical Science, an MSc in Modern Epidemiology and an MPH Master of Public Health. 

What does that mean for you?

It means that you’ll be working with someone who knows how the cells, organs and systems of your body work together to keep you in perfect balance and can repair an imbalance.

It means that you’ll be working with someone who can identify the factors in your diet, lifestyle and environment that are keeping you sick and strategise ways to reduce or eliminate them.

It means that you’ll be working with someone who can blend the latest science and evidence with knowledge of your lifestyle to come up with a practical, effective, tailor-made health programme that will stop the progression of disease, prevent further illness and build the kind of habits that will keep your health on track. Permanently.

That’s right, I came equipped to get you out of this mess

But don’t just take my word for it 

Leah knows her stuff! She digs deep to work out the triggers that make you eat in unhealthy ways. She’s knowledgeable about all the different aspects that go into healthy eating and losing weight, and most importantly, keeping it off!

Elizabeth La-Danso

The best thing about working with Leah is that she listens. She took on board what I wanted to achieve throughout the whole process. The whole aim for this was for me to have structure and to eat the right foods. I can truly say that her programme has definitely helped me. Leah is very professional. The great thing about working with her is that it’s all about her clients’ needs and wants. That’s a beautiful trait when one wants to achieve something that they struggled with before.

Roslyn Hypolite

Your health is invaluable


And I’m serious about delivering great health outcomes. I’ve worked to prevent disease, prolong life and promote public health for 14 years and I’m passionate about making health achievable in mind & body and at every stage of life. I want to give you the best chance to lead a longer, healthier more fulfilling life.


Because you’re not living if you’re confined by your pain, exhausted by your efforts and enfeebled by the rapacious nature of a health condition that just won’t quit. You’re existing.

I think we're a match made in heaven, wanna take the next step?

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